"I paint the world as it should be, not as it is..."

Pierre-Richard Lespes

Artist Pierre-Richard Lespes began to revolutionize the art world shortly after leaving his hometown of Pétion-Ville, Haiti in destination to New York City.  Lespes is what we refer to as an Artistic Multitasker.  After making his mark on canvas with rich oil paints and stunning subjects, he embraced other domains such as custom jewelry making and mixed media crafting.  Lespes is very diverse in his works and does not adopt any particular style, but rather uses his instincts, imagination and creative skills to produce very beautiful and unique paintings, breathtaking jewelry for women and men and enigmatic crafts. ​This amazing talent has given birth to what Lespes calls his "Art Trinity"; Gallery Lespes, Jewelry by Desire and UOMO.

Email: artinthecellar@gallerylespes.com.com                  Phone:  (516) 395-1613

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